Blue Heron Park
April 20, 2024
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Visit over twenty exhibitor displays to participate in the children’s activities presented by our local businesses, community organizations, non-profits, and schools for an educational and fun experience. Learn more about our planet and how to preserve it by helping end plastic pollution, promoting the conservation of wildlife and the restoration of rivers, streams, and lakes, growing the healthy food we need to eat, and creating positive climate change that will sustain life on our planet. 

Check in at the Information Booth to find out about the children’s activities at the exhibitor booths. Pick up an “ice cream” token for your child so they can stop by Harper’s booth and get a free ice cream treat. Bring a paper or cloth sack to hold all our earth friendly giveaways that show you how to make non-plastic choices in order to become a more earth friendly resident of planet earth. 

Schedule of Events 

Bear Creek Stewardship Day – 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Ballet Folklorico – 12:30 PM
Release of the Doves – 1:00 PM
Ballet Folklorico – 1:30 PM
Rogue Rage Duo – 2:00 PM
Children’s Endangered Species Procession – 2:45 PM 
Rogue Rage Duo – 3:00 PM
Departure – 4:00 PM

Afternoon Activities

The afternoon is hosted by Bee City USA Phoenix and sponsored by the City of Phoenix the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, and Cascade Girl.

Our exhibitors are featuring activities for children that will be both educational and fun! 

— Walk through time on the park path and discover Oregon’s geological history. 

There will be over 30 stations along the park pathway and with your travel guide sheet in hand, learn about earth’s geological events, starting with our planet’s history 4.6 billion years ago to the present day as each step you make takes you through 15 to 20 million years “at a time”. 

— Come dressed up in a costume you have made and be an “endangered species” for the afternoon. Then join the procession along the park path as the insect, plant, or animal that you have become for the day – buzz like a bee, hoot like an owl, howl like a wolf, roar like a tiger, fly like an eagle.

— And don’t forget to greet “Big Boy” and take home a photo op with him, the world’s largest monarch caterpillar cocoon. 

— Enjoy Story Time on the lawn with the Phoenix Library and a visit the Jackson County Library’s DART (Direct Access to Resources and Technology) van.

— Plant a flower seed in a biodegradable pot and learn how to plant and grow veggies at the Farm to School Program exhibit. At Cornucopia Acres you can purchase a native plant for your garden. 

— Participate in an art and craft activity – shape clay pottery, paint a rock, draw a picture or take a few minutes to play a game with your friends at the playground. 

— Bring your picnic lunch and blanket and eat on the park lawn while you listen to and watch the performances on stage. Figaro’s pizza is selling pizza by the slice at the Park and don’t forget to stop by the Ethos Academy just up the street and enjoy food from Loncheria las Reyes and lots of outdoor games being held there as well. 

We want to thank our exhibitors for sharing their time and expertise with us: 

Girl Scout Troop 10267 • Oregon Community Trees • Rogue Worms and Doves • Harper’s Ice Cream Co. • Phoenix Library • Southern Oregon Monarch Advocates 

Bee Sweet Blooms • Farm to School • Pollinator Project of the Rogue Valley 

Blue Heron Community Garden • Save the Phoenix Wetlands • NW Ceramic Studio Rogue River Keeper Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center • Chesterton Academy 

1st Phoenix Community Center • Leave Your Mark • Crater Rock Museum • Figaro’s Jackson County Master Gardener’s Association • Talent Garden Club • The Grange  Jackson County Fuel Committee • Cornucopia Acres • Rogue Credit Union Foundation 

And a Very Special Thanks to the following businesses and non-profits to whom we wish to acknowledge for their generosity and support of Earth Day. 

The Cheerful Vet • Welburn Electric • Phoenix Industrial Studios • The Grange Co-op

1st Phoenix Community Center and the First Phoenix Presbyterian Church

Indigo Creek Outfitters • Storage at Exit 24 • Rotary Club of Bear Creek Valley 

Rogue Credit Union Community Foundation • Harry and David • Airport Chevy