Southern Oregon is famous for its beautiful wineries, breweries of all sizes, and other craft beverages. While you can find delicious local beverages in every corner of the Rogue Valley, Phoenix has two unique local places which will delight and excite your palate.

Relax with a Glass of Wine

Catalyst Wine Collective is a friendly and inviting new tasting room located in the Phoenix Industrial Studios. This trendy spot is the perfect place to meet your friends for an afternoon of wine tasting, and swapping stories while enjoying a bottle of your favorite vintage.

Catalyst Wine Collective offers three wine styles from Ryan Rose Wines, Goldback Wines and Sound & Vision Wine Co. Their delectable wines will suit every palate — with a refreshing white wine, something with more of a French flair, and a varietal which blends modern and classic flavors. They are open from 12 noon – 6 p.m., Thursday through Sunday. And if you have a hankering to explore the area, you’re surrounded by a bakery, pizzeria and a pottery studio! Wine tasting is just the beginning of your adventure.

Three Cheers for Mead

But what if your tastes are a little more…medieval? Then a trip to Steamworks Meadery is in order! Mead is a honey-based beverage enjoyed by cider and wine lovers alike. But are you wondering what it tastes like? Steamworks’ mead is dryer than most ciders and sweeter than most wines. It falls beautifully and uniquely between the two and is truly the drink of the Vikings.

Additionally, the tasting room gives patrons a view of the brewing process, with seating for about twenty people. When visiting the tasting room, play one of their many board games. It’s a fun and welcoming place where you can relax with friends and let the hours slip by.

Great Local Drinks

The Rogue Valley has some of the best wines, brews and craft drinks in the state. Each is unique not only in taste, but in environment, history and story. You’ll encounter a different experience at each place.

And right in the heart of Phoenix, you’ll discover two of the coolest wine and craft drink offerings in the area. Whether you sip wine with friends or drink mead like a Viking, you’re in for a special culinary adventure.


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