January 16, 2024 | Rebecca Scott for Travel Phoenix Oregon

Regular skincare maintenance is crucial for nurturing healthy skin. Beyond cosmetic benefits, a well-established skincare routine contributes to the overall well-being of your skin.

Janine Wine, owner of Refine Skincare & Sugaring in Phoenix, offers customized facials, peels, acne treatments, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, hair removal utilizing both sugaring and waxing, and much more.

Inspired to help others

Janine recently celebrated her two-year business anniversary at her Phoenix location in September 2023. After being displaced from her job in the restaurant industry due to the pandemic, a silver lining lay hidden in this unforeseen obstacle. It gave her the chance to go back to school and become a licensed esthetician. 

“I pursued this career because I genuinely care about my clients’ concerns and want to help them love the skin they’re in,” she said.

Part of Janine’s inspiration to start her business came from her own experience with acne when she was younger. At the time, many people and practitioners were unaware that acne didn’t just affect someone’s physical appearance. It could also cause emotional pain in addition to physical discomfort. However, Janine was fortunate to work with an esthetician who understood the complexities of acne treatment and treated Janine’s cystic acne. 

“That esthetician inspired me to help others with their acne,” she said. “In my practice, I take a holistic approach to acne treatment. I investigate my client’s lifestyle, diet, homecare routines and any products they’re using. I educate my clients and support them throughout the process.”

Building the business

When she opened her business, Janine focused on offering spa-like skincare services, including sugaring, which is a gentler form of waxing.

Sugaring is a 100% all-natural hair removal method that consists of just three ingredients: citric acid (lemon juice), sugar and water. During the treatment, Janine hand applies a sugaring paste—heated only to room temperature—which results in a less inflammatory response from the skin. Sugaring can be done all over the face and body.

“Sugaring hair removal is a big part of my business,” she said.

While it took some time for Janine to build up her clientele who sought acne treatment, it has become a rewarding part of her business. She loves educating people on what causes acne and supporting them so they know they’re not alone. 

“I get customers who come from as far away as Yreka and Redding because things like sugaring aren’t offered at other places. I love that I have clients from across the Rogue Valley.”

Living the entrepreneurial dream

Janine was born and raised in Rogue Valley and has close ties to Talent and Phoenix. 

“I pretty much grew up in Talent—that and Phoenix both have a special place in my heart. I love that small hometown, ‘know-your-neighbors” feeling,” she said. “I also love being in Phoenix and contributing to breathing some life back into it after the fires.”

While starting and operating a business has been a challenging experience, it’s also been extremely rewarding for Janine. She admits it’s been a rollercoaster ride, with several positives and a lot of scary moments. After enduring the peaks and valleys of entrepreneurship, Janine has a new appreciation for business owners.

“When I first opened, sometimes I’d have 2-4 customers a month. I had to network and market my business. To an extent, it just took time. But now there are times when I have six clients in a single day.” 

Now a couple years into her journey as a business owner, Janine is proud of the business and life she has built for herself and her family. She’s a successful one-woman show, even when it’s difficult or scary at times.

“I love what I do and I care about my clients,” she said. “When I get ‘before and after’ photos from my clients, there’s nothing better. Or text messages that they love their skin or can go out with more confidence, that means everything to me.”