Photo provided by the Siskiyou Mountain Club, an organization that revamped the Pilot Rock Trail in 2014.

Whatever the weather, some Southern Oregon trails are fun to hike year round. Breathe in the crisp, cold air during winter and maybe encounter freshly fallen snow. Or during the warmer months, explore fields of colorful wildflowers and catch a glimpse of local wildlife.

Whether you are a seasoned backpacker or stepping out on your first Southern Oregon trail, you’ll discover rewarding views and the sense of adventure on these three fun, short, and easy hikes just minutes from Phoenix. Enjoy a beautiful hike and then end the day by shopping and dining in our town.

Roxy Ann Peak

Phoenix to the trailhead: 17 minutes, 8 miles – Driving Directions

Roxy Ann Peak is an old, dormant volcano in the Rogue Valley, named for the wife of an early pioneer family who owned property on the slopes of the mountain. The trail is a 4.9 mile loop  located in the center of Prescott Park and rated at a moderate difficulty. Roxy Ann Peak trail is accessible year round, and hikers may bring their dogs, as long as they remain leashed. In addition to beautiful wildflowers, hikers have spotted cougars, bears, deer and rattlesnakes on the trail. Enjoy nice views of Phoenix and Medford.

Pilot Rock

Phoenix to the trailhead: 33 minutes, 23 miles – Driving Directions

At 2.8 miles, Pilot Rock Trail is a fantastic option for the morning or afternoon. Pilot Rock sits at an elevation of over 5,900 feet and has been known by its famous name since pioneer times, when travelers crossing the Siskiyou Pass used it as a guide. The trailhead is usually accessible throughout the year but occasionally is closed due to snow. In winter, the trails and surrounding roads are popular with snowshoers. You can also bring your furry friend along for the adventure! 

Upper and Lower Table Rock

Phoenix to the Upper Table Rock trailhead: 21 minutes, 16 miles – Driving Directions

Upper Table Rock and Lower Table Rock are two iconic volcanic plateaus located north of the Rogue River, created by lava flow approximately seven million years ago. The Table Rocks are one of the most beloved and popular hiking trails in Southern Oregon, with about 45,000 visitors each year. Lower Table Rock features a walking trail, which climbs approximately 780 feet to the top of the plateau. There are eight interpretive panels along the trail that explain the history and landscape of the region. Upper Table Rock also has a 1.25 mile walking trail with views of beautiful flora and fauna.

Let’s Take A Walk

In Southern Oregon, we love to hike all year long. Cold, warm, rain, sun or snow, each hike is a unique and unforgettable adventure. Start your hiking journey in Phoenix and find a variety of new and exciting trails to blaze.